Qatar Intends To Suspend Clearing Trips For U.S.- bound Afghan Displaced people While It Hosts World Cup, Sources Say

Qatari authorities have said they intend to suspend clearing trips for Afghan evacuees wanting to resettle in the U.S.슬롯사이트

While the nation has soccer’s Reality Cup one month from now, as per outcast backers, legislative helpers and a source acquainted with the Qatari government’s arrangements.룰렛

The move would add to an all around enormous accumulation of a huge number of Afghans who worked for the U.S. Military and who are currently attempting to leave the country since the hardline Islamist Taliban held onto back power the year before. 온라인슬롯

The detailed arrangement comes as Qatar is as of now under a magnifying glass over its treatment of traveler laborers and its strategies on LGBTQ and ladies’ freedoms in the approach the World Cup, the biggest scale global occasion at any point held in the minuscule Bay country. 슬롯

Qatar, in collaboration with the U.S. Government, administers week by week departures from Kabul to the Qatari capital of Doha for Afghans applying to resettle in the U.S. Subsequent to showing up at a U.S. Army installation outside Doha, the Afghans’ administrative work is checked on by U.S. Specialists, and most forge ahead to the U.S. There are a few thousand Afghans as of now housed at the base.

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