World Leaders Are Not Doing Enough To Protect Our Ocean

Down near the frozen southern tip of the planet, the waters surrounding the remote South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands teem with life. Rich in krill—tiny marine organisms that sit near the bottom of the food chain—the region sustains millions of fish and penguins and is regularly visited by migratory groups of humpback whales.온라인카지노

This may not always be the case. Climate change is already having a negative impact on nature. Studies show that the Southern Ocean is warming much faster than any other, placing its incredible diversity of life at risk.온라인카지노

From the mass coral bleaching event devastating the Great Barrier Reef to industrial-scale fishing worldwide, humanity’s impact on the ocean is increasingly hard to miss. The pressure we are placing on marine ecosystems threatens food security and livelihoods of coastal communities around the globe.신규사이트

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