Ahn Cheol-soo stays most extravagant man in South Korean governmental issues

By and large, less the most extravagant four who own north of 50 billion won each. 슬롯 잭팟 룰렛

The parliamentary public assistance morals board of trustees on Thursday distributed the rundown of the progressions in the total assets of the 296 Gathering individuals over last year contrasted with the prior year, which showed that 33 or 11.1 percent held something like 5 billion won separately.

As per the rundown, 83 (28 percent) of the Gathering individuals were worth 2-5 billion won, 104 (35.1 percent) were worth 1-2 billion won; 54 (18.2 percent) esteemed at 500 million won-1 billion won; and 22 (7.4 percent) worth under 500 million won.

Among the four most extravagant Gathering individuals, Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo’s total assets was by a long shot the most elevated at around 130 billion won, down from 204 billion won he held the earlier year. The Seoul Public College showed clinical specialist is the organizer behind the counter PC infection programming organization, AhnLab, and ran for the administration multiple times.

Rep. Jeon Bong-min, the initial time administrator and the decision Individuals Power Party appointee floor pioneer, came in second with 55.9 billion won, trailed by the top of the Get together’s knowledge council Rep. Park Duk-hyum, who is worth 52.6 billion won. Rep. Park Jeung, who had an English mentoring business under the steady gaze of turning into a legislator is worth 50.5 billion won.

The Public Help Morals Act requires high-positioning authorities to report the worth of their resources and pay yearly, to be unveiled soon.

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