K-Pop Gathering Omega X Said They Were Physically Bugged By A Chief And Compelled To Work While Wiped out With Coronavirus

A K-pop gathering blamed their administration organization for physically and truly manhandling them in a news meeting on Wednesday, weeks after a viral fan video caught sound of the board having a verbal conflict with a portion of the musicians after one of their shows. 메이저놀이터

In an extended proclamation to BuzzFeed News, the law office addressing the band Omega X point by point a portion of the charges against their administration organization, Tower Diversion. 바카라

“Previous Chief Kang [Seong-hee] made Omega X beverage with her even before a significant authority occasions, physically badgering them,” Law office S said in the proclamation. “The lewd behavior of the individuals isn’t just a sexual issue among people, yet an issue that shows how power with misshaped values disregards the nobility of youngsters with dreams.” 슬롯

The 11-part teen pop band Omega X appeared in 2021. Their most famous music video “Love Me Like” has 18 million perspectives on YouTube, and they took special care of an overall being a fan with tunes like “Vamos” and “Baila Con Bull.” Charges of abuse by K-pop icons have long caused touchy, stunning outrages. In 2020, Media Line Diversion President Kim Chang Hwan was condemned to eight months in jail and two years of probation for helping and abetting kid misuse, after bunch the East Light said an organization maker had actually and obnoxiously attacked the individuals. Teeny-bopper group B.A.P finished their agreement with organization TS Amusement in the wake of blaming the administration for unreasonable benefit dissemination and abuse (the suit was subsequently settled). 바카라규칙

Omega X guaranteed that both Kang and Tower seat Hwang Seong-charm constrained the band to perform subsequent to testing positive for Coronavirus, in spite of having high fevers. The gathering said Kang told them to “take nutrients, hydrate and go in front of an audience regardless. On the off chance that not, I’ll thump you with a polished ash.”

At the Seoul Bar Affiliation, every one of the 11 individuals shared more subtleties of the allegations they brought against their organization. “She not just constrained us to drink after our practices, yet she made physically bugging remarks and contacted our thighs and appearances, constantly mishandling us physically,” bunch pioneer Kim Jaehan said at the news meeting. “The individuals were all manhandled consistently for a year.”

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