Where Could Blackpink Headed be?

Blackpink performs at Dodger Arena in Los Angeles on Aug. 26. Picture: YG Amusement by means of The Korea Messenger

Will Blackpink proceed or will the gathering disband? Are the individuals moving to an alternate mark or will they go free?

Tales have been whirling as K-pop’s greatest young lady bunch and its organization, YG Diversion, stay quiet on the future, regardless of their seven-year contract having obviously arrived at the finish of its term in August.

On Tuesday, it was accounted for Jennie and Jisoo had laid out their own free names, however YG Amusement denied the reports. 슬롯게임 안전놀이터 슬롯사이트

“Nothing has been settled with respect to Blackpink’s agreement reestablishment or future movement,” was YG’s most recent update on the issue delivered Wednesday, an emphasis of what it has been rehashing throughout the course of recent months.

The organization answered in basically the same manner close to seven days earlier, when one more nearby report guaranteed just Rose from the foursome had restored her agreement with YG. The rest would find new marks and put away a half year a year for bunch exercises, the report from Sports Seoul expressed. YG had said then that “nothing is affirmed we’re actually going through exchanges.”

The reports might sound baseless, however every single action the individuals make — or don’t make — is fanning bits of hearsay that might allude to Blackpink’s future.

Neighborhood media even highlighted Lisa’s new performance outing to Paris. News reports called attention to that, strangely, she was not joined by anybody from YG Diversion, probably as she had not restored her agreement with the firm.

Bits of gossip likewise flowed before that Thai part Lisa, who has the greatest abroad being a fan among the gathering, might be on the lookout for an unfamiliar mark.

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