This Unique Broadway Melodic Bright lights An Extreme Female Craftsman And The Imprint She Left

The new Broadway musical Lempicka celebrates the life of Polish artist Tamara de Lempicka. The outspoken painter was known for her daring art deco portraits. She had a storied life that seemed unacceptable for a woman at the time. Considered a radical, Lempicka was a survivor of the Bolshevik Revolution and the Nazis. While she was married and she had affairs with women and men.온라인카지노

Yet unlike her male contemporaries this iconoclast who lived without apology has often been written out of history. “She was someone who the world wanted to hide and tried to kill multiple times,’ says Lempicka’s director Rachel Chavkin. “She lived this incredibly violent and ambitious life.” 안전놀이터

16 years ago when playwright and lyricist Carson Kreitzer discovered a Taschen art book about Lempicka in a used book store, she knew she had the ultimate material for a musical. “I had no idea about her intense and difficult life—what it took to become that artist and what was behind these dramatic, decadent figures,” she says. 신규사이트

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