Salesforce closes Hong Kong office, trusts Alibaba in China

Salesforce is re-emerging in China as it seeks to expand the reach of its customer relationship management software in the country. 슬롯

The company is “accelerating” its strategic partnership with Alibaba, a Salesforce spokesperson told TechCrunch. In 2019, Alibaba became the exclusive software provider of the American giant throughout Greater China. As a result of the strengthened partnership with Alibaba, Salesforce is “optimizing our business structure to better serve the Greater China region” and “opening up new roles while eliminating others,” the spokesperson said. 슬롯머신

The company’s careers page shows it is currently hiring a director of product management and a principal software engineer in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, where its technology group is based. It’s unclear which positions Salesforce has cut in China, but a spokesperson confirmed the company is closing its Hong Kong office, which has historically been a stepping stone for multinational companies entering China. Many roles at Salesforce’s Hong Kong office are in sales and account management, LinkedIn profiles show. 잭팟

It is also unclear how their relationship with Alibaba will develop. Alibaba did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In China, Salesforce is interested in providing services to international companies based in China, but cannot do so alone due to the country’s complicated regulatory restrictions. As China has implemented new rules to control the handling of data across borders in recent years, international tech giants have scaled back their presence in China or exited the market entirely: LinkedIn, Yahoo and Airbnb, to name a few. 룰렛

Last year, Salesforce and Alibaba launched a joint product to help brands expand their social commerce presence in China. Using social networks such as WeChat to promote e-commerce sales, called social commerce, has become the norm in China. “Salesforce Social Commerce is purpose-built and hosted in China on Alibaba Cloud, one of the top three cloud providers in the world and the largest in APAC, to help support the level of scalability needed for China’s ever-growing commerce ecosystem and help customers address local residency regulations.” data and compliance issues,” Salesforce said at the time.

Salesforce could also attract Chinese e-commerce exporters who have fled centralized marketplaces like Amazon to self-hosted stores. But it’s making no apparent effort to attract that audience, while rival Oracle offers export vendors a one-stop shop for managing data analytics, digital payments and more. This means that Shopify is an affordable solution for most sellers looking for independence from Amazon. A report in Chinese business publication Ebrun announced on Wednesday that Salesforce has “unbundled” its China unit, which handles the company’s business in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Alibaba will take over the company’s sales in mainland China and Hong Kong, while Taiwan will be run by its Singapore office, the report said. When asked to verify these claims, a Salesforce spokesperson pointed to a statement provided to us (listed above). “We look forward to continuing to serve our customers in Greater China and help them drive their success,” the spokesperson added.

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