North Korea says it will never again look for reunification with South Korea, will send off new government operative satellites in 2024

North Korea’s generally disconnected administration hosed any expectations of a rapprochement with the South in 2024, with ruler Kim Jong Un saying he is done making progress toward reunification, in remarks at the end of a party meeting on Sunday. 안전놀이터 슬롯게임 온라인카지노

Kim said Pyongyang is done holding back nothing, an objective common by the two Koreas, which have been in a condition of battle under global regulation since the finish of the contention somewhere in the range of 1950 and 1953.

“We shouldn’t commit the error again of considering them to be a partner for compromise and unification, as South Korea has proclaimed us its fundamental foe,” Kim was cited as saying by state media.

Prior, North Korea said it wanted to send off three more government operative satellites into space in 2024.

Kim illustrated his country’s security objectives for 2024 during the typical finish of-year meeting of the decision Laborers’ Party’s Focal Board, which finished on Saturday.

“Relations among South and North Korea are at this point not those between individuals of a similar country,” said Kim, who contended the connection between the Koreas has formed into one between states who are at war.

The ongoing circumstance requires his administration to rethink its position on unification strategy, he said.

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