MAMAMOO’s Wheein Says She Didn’t Like Hwasa At First, Calling Her A “all out Attention Seeker”

MAMAMOO’s Wheein has uncovered that she had an unfortunate introduction of bandmate Hwasa, who she met during their time in center school.

Wheein as of late showed up on an episode of MBC’s The Oppa of Tteokbokki House, where she talked about her kinship with Hwasa. Eminently, the pair had initially met in center school, prior to proceeding to make a big appearance as half of K-pop young lady bunch MAMAMOO in 2014.

The vocalist, in any case, uncovered that she at first detested her then-future groupmate when they initially met, during the main day of another term. “I could have done without her from the outset,” the artist made sense of, per SBS Star. “No one requested that she sing, yet she arbitrarily sang before different schoolmates.” 온라인카지노

“At the point when I saw her do that, I was like, ‘Goodness, I don’t think I’ll at any point turn out to be near her.’ She appeared to be a complete consideration searcher,” Wheein added. In spite of this, Wheein shared that she and Hwasa turned out to be fast companions after the last option moved toward her in class. 안전놀이터

“After every one of us acquainted ourselves with the class, Hwasa abruptly came dependent upon me. She was like, ‘I like you. How about we be companions,'” she said. “It turned out we were much indistinguishable. We got along so well with one another and had a similar dream to turn into a vocalist. Thus, we immediately turned out to be close.” 신규사이트

Later during her appearance on the MBC show, Wheein said Hwasa needed to be companions with her due to the look Wheein had worn on the principal day of school — which was the consequence of testing out a hair straightener the prior night, however getting up past the point where it is possible to wash it. 메이저사이트

“She let me know that I appeared to be so cool like that, and she had a desire to be companions with me,” Wheein reviewed.

In other MAMAMOO news, part Solar has uncovered that a MAMAMOO rebound is as of now not underway, despite the fact that trusts that they can deliver new music together this year. “Something we’re proceeding to buckle down towards, however perhaps not at the present time,” she said. “I will extremely, cautiously say perhaps this year, in any case, once more, it’s not unmistakable!”

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