Calls for examination, expression of remorse mount a year on from Itaewon misfortune

SEOUL, South Korea — Dispossessed family members of survivors of last year’s overwhelming Halloween crush in Seoul and their allies requested a free examination of the fiasco as they denoted the commemoration Sunday with an enormous dedication administration. 바카라규칙 바카라하는법 메이저놀이터

The pound, one of the greatest peacetime catastrophes in South Korea, killed 159 individuals, the majority of them in their 20s and 30s who had assembled in Itaewon, a famous nightlife region in Seoul, for Halloween festivities.

Honoring the commemoration, the families visited the Itaewon region, laid blossoms and gave sympathies at a back street where the squash occurred. Some sobbed close to a wall put with sympathy messages.

Buddhist priests appeal to God for the casualties Sunday, the principal commemoration of the group flood that killed around 160 individuals in a back street in Seoul, South Korea.

Ahn Youthful joon, Related Press
“Please accept my apologies. Please accept my apologies that I was unable to safeguard you. I adored you,” Melody Jin Youthful, 55, the dad of one of the people in question, said.

In Itaewon, joined by their allies, the families additionally went to multifaith petitioning heaven administrations for their friends and family. They recited trademarks asking President Yoon Suk Yeol to offer a more earnest expression of remorse and Security Pastor Lee Sang-min to leave over the catastrophe. “Apologize! Apologize!” they yelled.

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The gathering walked through Seoul prior to showing up at a square for a remembrance administration, which drew huge number of individuals.

Individuals walk Sunday before a meeting to stamp the principal commemoration of the group flood that killed around 160 individuals in Seoul, South Korea.

Ahn Youthful joon, Related Press
In a discourse, Lee Jeong-min, a delegate for the families, encouraged President Yoon to help endeavors to enact an exceptional regulation to open a free examination concerning the debacle.

“We did our most extreme to bring up our kids however we were unable to try and contact them when they evaporated all of abrupt. Where might we at any point discuss our hatred toward this reality?” Lee said. “The extraordinary regulation would the main regulation to track down the reason for the Itaewon fiasco and examine the avoidance of repeats of comparable occurrences.”

In discourses, a few resistance legislators scrutinized Yoon for neglecting to go to the service and promised to pass the unique regulation to make quick work of the misfortune. A few members supposedly yelled sneers at a decision party official when he attempted to leave after the principal half of the function, however there were no reports of significant viciousness.

Relatives of casualties respond Sunday during a meeting denoting the main commemoration of the group flood that killed around 160 individuals in Seoul, South Korea.

Ahn Youthful joon, Related Press
The dedication finished, with the group yelling “We’ll recollect you” when names of every one of the 159 casualties were called. They likewise positioned blossoms before the photographs of the dead at a special stepped area.

The casualties’ families said they welcomed Yoon to the remembrance service. All things being equal, he went to a help for the casualties at a Seoul church. Yoon’s office didn’t unequivocally make sense of why he missed the dedication, however nearby media announced it was because of worries that the occasion could be utilized politically by his adversaries.

In a discourse at the congregation, Yoon said that the day of the calamity “was the day when I felt the best misery in for my entire life.” Yoon said he offers profound compassion to the families and swore to construct a more secure South Korea.

Relatives of the casualties respond Sunday on the principal commemoration of the group flood that killed around 160 individuals in a Seoul rear entryway, at a dedication raised area at the Seoul Square, South Korea.

Ahn Youthful joon, Related Press
In January, a police exceptional examination reasoned that police and civil authorities neglected to figure out viable group control ventures notwithstanding accurately expecting an enormous number of individuals in Itaewon. Specialists said police additionally overlooked hotline calls by people on foot who cautioned of enlarging swarms before the flood turned lethal.

In excess of 20 police and different authorities are purportedly being investigated over the fiasco yet no high level authorities were charged or considered responsible, a justification for why the families and resistance legislators require a free test.

The current year’s Halloween festivities in South Korea were generally curbed, with most bars, cafés and shops keeping away from Halloween-themed occasions in memory of the people in question. Just few individuals wearing Halloween ensembles were seen in Itaewon and other significant amusement zones in Seoul on Friday and Saturday.

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