Cart Parton Believes Should Take You Back In Time With The Cart Parton Experience

It’s an odd, almost indescribable feeling when you sit down face to face with literally one of the most famous people on the planet. It’s equal parts surreal and humbling, a fever dream that’s served with a side of “Oh em gee! Did this really just happen?” But it did. And Dolly Parton, the real Dolly Parton beyond the big blonde wigs and makeup, surprised me in many ways.온라인카지노

“I still feel like that little girl growing up in the mountains,” Dolly shares from what’s called the Acoustic Lobby, a sort of shrine to the icon à la Planet Hollywood with museum-style glass cases displaying famous tokens from her careers, like glittery outfits and guitars. The venue is located in her second upscale-leaning hotel—that’s right, she’s a chain, y’all—Dollywood’s HeartSong Lodge & Resort, next door to her very own theme park, named Dollywood (of course!). And in what must be a true full-circle moment, it’s situated mere miles down the road from the two-room log cabin she shared with her 11 siblings and parents while growing up.신규사이트

But none of that seems to faze her. Not one bit.

Regardless of the room we are sitting in located in the town literally built by Dolly, she is nothing if not genuine. Perhaps it’s a testament to her level of star power, but moments in her calm stature make the bright lights and numerous onlooking team members seemingly fade away. She has that uncanny ability to make everyone around her feel seen on the same level. But I have to admit that I’m soooo glad she waited until the end of our interview to tell me I had a “sweet face.” (I’m still blushing and will be for the foreseeable future, tbh.) 메이저사이트

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